Merger & Acquisition

WICS has been playing a pivotal role in M&A. WICS has established itself as a contact point for people to acquire targeted businesses for achieving exponential business growth. Some of the key activities performed include:

Valuation of a business: WICS and its partners undertake fair enterprise valuation to suit the need of M&A. While maintaining client confidentiality, WICS successfully ensures the sale/acquisition of businesses

Financial stability of a business: WICS helps clients to arrive at the optimal value of their business – by molding the business into a saleable form.

Professional intermediaries: WICS specialises in locating prospective buyers in countries like USA, UK, Europe, besides India, in a cost-effective manner. The buyers are shortlisted against financial benchmarks ascertain they make a real offer, before sharing business information.

Venture setup: WICS also helps in incorporating and setting up of new ventures with necessary statutory & regulatory permissions/approvals.