Our Deliverables

WICS is your Business Partner. We offer services through our team of specialists with technical expertise and administrative experience at the highest levels in Industry and Government.

Monetize Ideas

Turning your Ideas into Business Reality

The Business Potential of a great Idea has to be culled, crafted and curated into an achievable proposal which involves Planning, Finances and Technology. WICS with its team of experts that have great insight and experience in different industries and outreach into the planning and regulatory environment in countries helps you find the right monetary angle for leveraging the idea for business growth in an innovative and professional manner expeditiously. We enable prospective industry and entrepreneur’s entry into new geographies, evolving businesses, and emerging technologies.


Leverage Partnerships

Enhancing your Network and Business Connections

Smart Businesses build strong partnerships. WICS helps in connecting leaders across the industry to share ideas that help you build businesses by leveraging partnerships and innovation.WICS provides established and growing businesses and entrepreneurs the right environment and opportunity to connect with a vast range of companies and organisations that form the core of WICS membership and associates to assess and form partnerships or Networks of mutual interest to the members. WICS facilitates associations, mediates in the establishment of Networks and formation of partnerships, putting in place the required legal, contractual and financial framework.


Scaling up Operations

If your business is growing, you may like to scale up your operations with minimum additional manpower, while maintaining full control.It is always the most critical phase of a business which can lead it to greater heights of achievements or can result in lost opportunities. WICS provides the contextual specialised Risk Assessment for such actions, guides the business entity through a charted path for its enhanced operations with the engagement of professionals and industry veterans of different disciplines and skills to provide the insights while planning and implementing the scaling up operations. WICS knows what you’re going through, our hand-holding service with the right systems and processes, people and plans will help you flourish.

Expanding Trade and Business Worldwide

Every business seeks new avenues, territories, and markets to expand and grow in with relevant products, strategies, and action plans. They also need knowledge and insight into these novel avenues, territories, and markets that they target with no prior experience or network in these areas. WICS with its long experience, existing network, and associations in these areas will help you to successfully undertake the journey by vetting your plans and proposals, introducing you to friendly networks, associating with experts that will provide you with the right insights to make your strategy a success.


Country-specific Customization 

The big issue today is to tailor your business strategy to the globally localised marketing conditions and make it work. WICS helps you in meeting global standards with local customization.


Platform for Professionals and Specialists

WICS provides the right environment in its network for professionals and specialists to further utilize their expertise and enhances incomes by finding a market for them globally and in its large network that spans 193 countries. If you have expertise in some niche area and have a dream of encashing your expertise, WICS can help you unearth a huge customer base willing to utilize your experience and pay you handsomely.


Policy Advocacy and Advisory

Every business and industry has a unique proposition to offer and needs to have its voice heard in the competitive din of these difficult times.WICS provides that calm reassurance to the business and industry by formulating the strategy to influence the regulatory environment to enable the industry and business to contribute profitably and positively for the larger benefit of the society.WICS creates Groups of Experts with decades of experience in diversified fields related to subjects of National importance such as Environmental Protection, Water and Waste Water Management, Energy Scenario, to name a few.